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Enum InteractionResponseType


The response type for an IDiscordInteraction.

public enum InteractionResponseType : byte


ApplicationCommandAutocompleteResult = 8

Respond with a set of choices to a autocomplete interaction.

ChannelMessageWithSource = 4

Respond to an interaction with a message.

DeferredChannelMessageWithSource = 5

ACK an interaction and edit a response later, the user sees a loading state.

DeferredUpdateMessage = 6

For components: ACK an interaction and edit the original message later; the user does not see a loading state.

Modal = 9

Respond by showing the user a modal.

Pong = 1

ACK a Ping.

PremiumRequired = 10

Respond to an interaction with an upgrade button, only available for apps with monetization enabled.

UpdateMessage = 7

For components: edit the message the component was attached to.


After receiving an interaction, you must respond to acknowledge it. You can choose to respond with a message immediately using ChannelMessageWithSource or you can choose to send a deferred response with DeferredChannelMessageWithSource. If choosing a deferred response, the user will see a loading state for the interaction, and you'll have up to 15 minutes to edit the original deferred response using Edit Original Interaction Response. You can read more about Response types Here.