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Enum GuildFeature

public enum GuildFeature : long


AnimatedBanner = 1

The guild has access to animated banners.

AnimatedIcon = 2

The guild has access to set an animated guild icon.

AutoModeration = 17592186044416

The guild has auto moderation enabled.

Banner = 4

The guild has access to set a guild banner image.

ChannelBanner = 8

The guild has access to channel banners.

ClydeEnabled = 70368744177664

This guild has Clyde AI enabled.

Commerce = 16

The guild has access to use commerce features (i.e. create store channels).

Community = 32

The guild can enable welcome screen, Membership Screening, stage channels and discovery, and receives community updates.

DeveloperSupportServer = 4398046511104

The guild has been set as a support server on the App Directory.

Discoverable = 64

The guild is able to be discovered in the directory.

DiscoverableDisabled = 128

The guild has discoverable disabled.

EnabledDiscoverableBefore = 256

The guild has enabled discoverable before.

Featureable = 512

The guild is able to be featured in the directory.

ForceRelay = 1024

The guild has a force relay.

GuildWebPageVanityUrl = 140737488355328

This guild has a guild web page vanity url.

HasDirectoryEntry = 2048

The guild has a directory entry.

Hub = 4096

The guild is a hub.

InternalEmployeeOnly = 8192

You shouldn't be here...

InviteSplash = 16384

The guild has access to set an invite splash background.

InvitesDisabled = 8796093022208

The guild has invites disabled.

LinkedToHub = 32768

The guild is linked to a hub.

MemberProfiles = 65536

The guild has member profiles.

MemberVerificationGateEnabled = 131072

The guild has enabled Membership Screening.

MonetizationEnabled = 262144

The guild has enabled monetization.

MoreEmoji = 524288

The guild has more emojis.

MoreStickers = 1048576

The guild has increased custom sticker slots.

NewThreadPermissions = 4194304

The guild has new thread permissions.

News = 2097152

The guild has access to create news channels.

None = 0

The guild has no features.

Partnered = 8388608

The guild is partnered.

PremiumTier3Override = 16777216

The guild has a premium tier three override; guilds made by Discord usually have this.

PreviewEnabled = 33554432

The guild can be previewed before joining via Membership Screening or the directory.

PrivateThreads = 67108864

The guild has access to create private threads.

RaidAlertsDisabled = 35184372088832

This guild has alerts for join raids disabled.

RelayEnabled = 134217728

The guild has relay enabled.

RoleIcons = 268435456

The guild is able to set role icons.

RoleSubscriptionsAvailableForPurchase = 536870912

The guild has role subscriptions available for purchase.

RoleSubscriptionsEnabled = 1073741824

The guild has role subscriptions enabled.

SevenDayThreadArchive = 2147483648

The guild has access to the seven day archive time for threads.

TextInVoiceEnabled = 4294967296

The guild has text in voice enabled.

ThreadsDefaultAutoArchiveDuration = 34359738368

The guild has the default thread auto archive.

ThreadsEnabled = 8589934592

The guild has threads enabled.

ThreadsEnabledTesting = 17179869184

The guild has testing threads enabled.

ThreeDayThreadArchive = 68719476736

The guild has access to the three day archive time for threads.

TicketedEventsEnabled = 137438953472

The guild has enabled ticketed events.

VIPRegions = 1099511627776

The guild has access to set 384kbps bitrate in voice (previously VIP voice servers).

VanityUrl = 274877906944

The guild has access to set a vanity URL.

Verified = 549755813888

The guild is verified.

WelcomeScreenEnabled = 2199023255552

The guild has enabled the welcome screen.