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Enum ChannelPermission


Defines the available permissions for a channel.

public enum ChannelPermission : ulong


AddReactions = 64

Allows for the addition of reactions to messages.

AttachFiles = 32768

Allows for uploading images and files.

Connect = 1048576

Allows for joining of a voice channel.

CreateEvents = 17592186044416

Allows members to edit and cancel events in this channel.

CreateInstantInvite = 1

Allows creation of instant invites.

CreatePrivateThreads = 68719476736

Allows for creating private threads.

CreatePublicThreads = 34359738368

Allows for creating public threads.

DeafenMembers = 8388608

Allows for deafening of members in a voice channel.

Allows links sent by users with this permission will be auto-embedded.

ManageChannels = 16

Allows management and editing of channels.

ManageEmojis = 1073741824

Allows management and editing of emojis.

ManageMessages = 8192

Allows for deletion of other users messages.

ManageRoles = 268435456

Allows management and editing of roles.

ManageThreads = 17179869184

Allows for deleting and archiving threads, and viewing all private threads

ManageWebhooks = 536870912

Allows management and editing of webhooks.

MentionEveryone = 131072

Allows for using the @everyone tag to notify all users in a channel, and the @here tag to notify all online users in a channel.

MoveMembers = 16777216

Allows for moving of members between voice channels.

MuteMembers = 4194304

Allows for muting members in a voice channel.

PrioritySpeaker = 256

Allows for using priority speaker in a voice channel.

ReadMessageHistory = 65536

Allows for reading of message history.

RequestToSpeak = 4294967296

Allows for requesting to speak in stage channels. (This permission is under active development and may be changed or removed.)

SendMessages = 2048

Allows for sending messages in a channel.

SendMessagesInThreads = 274877906944

Allows for sending messages in threads.

SendPolls = 562949953421312

Allows sending polls.

SendTTSMessages = 4096

Allows for sending of text-to-speech messages.

SendVoiceMessages = 70368744177664

Allows sending voice messages.

SetVoiceChannelStatus = 281474976710656

Allows setting voice channel status.

Speak = 2097152

Allows for speaking in a voice channel.

StartEmbeddedActivities = 549755813888

Allows for launching activities (applications with the EMBEDDED flag) in a voice channel.

Stream = 512

Allows video streaming in a voice channel.

UseApplicationCommands = 2147483648

Allows members to use slash commands in text channels.

UseClydeAI = 140737488355328

Allows members to interact with the Clyde AI bot.

UseExternalEmojis = 262144

Allows the usage of custom emojis from other servers.

UseExternalStickers = 137438953472

Allows the usage of custom stickers from other servers.

UseSoundboard = 4398046511104

Allows for using the soundboard in a voice channel.

UseVAD = 33554432

Allows for using voice-activity-detection in a voice channel.

ViewChannel = 1024

Allows guild members to view a channel, which includes reading messages in text channels.