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Enum ApplicationMonetizationEligibilityFlags


Gets the monetization eligibility flags for the application combined as a bitfield.

public enum ApplicationMonetizationEligibilityFlags


ApprovedCommands = 4

Application has the message content intent approved or uses application commands.

HasTeam = 2

Application is owned by a team.

NoBlockingIssues = 131072

Application has no issues blocking monetization.

None = 0

The application has no monetization eligibility flags set.

NotQuarantined = 512

Application is not quarantined.

PrivacyPolicy = 16

Application has a privacy policy set.

SafeDescription = 64

Application's description is safe for work.

SafeName = 32

Application's name is safe for work.

SafeRoleConnections = 128

Application's role connections metadata is safe for work.

TeamMembersEmailVerified = 32768

Application's team members all have verified emails.

TeamMembersMfaEnabled = 65536

Application's team members all have MFA enabled.

TermsOfService = 8

Application has terms of service set.

ValidPayoutStatus = 262144

Application's team has a valid payout status.

Verified = 1

Application is verified.